From site to Insight™ in Scan-time

Accelerate your laser scanning workflow with Allpoint's latest software.

Register in Scan-Time™ and start achieving the impossible.

Scans from multiple manufacturers and even a robot can be registered live,
in the field, at survey quality.

Provide Insight™ instead of stockpiling data!

Processing scan data can require serious hardware,
but now you can share the results over the web.

Process mobile LiDAR faster than you can drive.

Allpoint Bridges™ generates bridge clearance reports from raw
scan data at illegal speeds.

There is too much point and click with manual processing.

Find out how Allpoint's automation solutions can help you.

A Decade of Experience

Allpoint has a decade of experience in automation-based robotic principles and handling of 3D LiDAR point clouds.
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Allpoint's Perception Engine™