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President Obama highlights pipe survey technology

Last week President Obama announced the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (AMP) at Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC).

Source: Washington Post

Given our roots as Pittsburgh roboticists, we are pleased to see robotic concepts and technologies gaining recognition as viable solutions and products.  The opportunity around robots goes back decades, but the technology has not been generally successful outside of factory automation.  But companies like Redzone Robotics, which was singled out by the President, prove robotic principles can be applied successfully to solve real world problems (in this case surveying, maintaining and repairing aging infrastructure).  These problems are only getting worse, and innovative technologies are necessary to help industries with limited budgets and resources.

Redzone is a great example of how high tech is advancing the field of survey and mapping.  Check out the demonstration to the President:

Pipe inspection demo (begins at 4:15 in the video)