Bricks & Mortar are Gone, but Pittsburgh’s old Arena is now Online

Visitors to a new website can tour Pittsburgh's old Civic Arena and even comment on their favorite locations. High definition laser scans have been incorporated into a new web-based tool, called Allpoint Insight, that gives the Arena a permanent presence online. The physical structure was officially demolished on March 31.

The last panel of the Civic Arena’s roof was brought down this past weekend, but Allpoint Systems is offering the public full virtual access to the facility -- online. Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena (also known as “Mellon Arena” or “the Igloo”) was the first major indoor sports stadium with a retractable roof when constructed in 1961. Visitors to Allpoint’s new website can virtually tour the arena and even mark locations with comments for others to see.

This has been made possible thanks to high definition 3D laser scans of the Arena’s interior that were collected and registered by Allpoint Systems (courtesy of the Sports & Exhibition Authority) prior to the start of demolition. Until recently, viewing the 3D scan data would have required special software and the individual loading of many single scans. Allpoint has a unique automated scan registration process that painlessly creates a complete model, and they have released a revolutionary web based interface (Allpoint Insight™) that allows anyone to view the results.

Allpoint eagerly offered the digital Arena to the public in tandem with the conclusion of its “brick & mortar” days. “I’m excited for this opportunity to launch Allpoint Insight by sharing this very special ‘view’ of the Civic Arena,” says Dr. Aaron Morris, Allpoint CEO. “Our mission is to make 3D easy, and sharing this data with the public via a web portal is as easy as it gets!”

Allpoint invites anyone view the Arena and leave comments by visiting We thank the Sports and Exhibition Authority for their part in making this possible.

Company: Allpoint Systems (“Allpoint”) makes 3D easy. The software company was recently named as a Tech 50 ‘Innovator of the Year’ finalist by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. Aaron Morris, a Ph.D. graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute founded Allpoint out of necessity as surveyors became overwhelmed with an increasing volume of 3D data known as "point clouds." Allpoint has a wide range of clients in areas ranging from manufacturing to infrastructure and building inspection.

Contact: Allpoint Systems; (412) 589-9030