Current Solution Areas

Allpoint's toolkit consists of numerous software modules, which can be applied to many mapping and data processing applications. We currently have solutions for Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS), Underground Mapping and Inspection, and Structural Inspection and Model Comparison. These applications can be optimized to fit your project needs, or the Perception Engine™ can be easily tailored in a short amount of time to address new applications. Either way, contact us to see how we can help.

Allpoint works with certified
service providers who collect and analyze data. Current Certified partners include:
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Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS) Applications

Due to the sheer volume and density of the data, processing and manipulating TMLS 3D scans is the most complex – and therefore hardest to automate. The Allpoint Perception platform provides tools and applications to surveyors and engineers who are using TMLS techniques for survey documentation, measurement, analysis, and asset management. Allpoint’s automated workflows help target more objects, complete more projects within existing budgets, and provide enhanced levels of information and knowledge about critical infrastructure assets.

Specific applications include:

  • Transportation / Highway – measure and document large numbers of overhead bridge spans, road surfaces, barriers, signs, etc.
  • Transportation / Railway – survey rail conditions and more rapidly conduct vegetation management surveys.
  • Utilities – ground-based survey of residential and commercial power lines and related infrastructure.
  • Municipal Asset Management / Urban – conduct a broader geographical assessment of city assets such as roads, utilities, signs, etc.

Contact us for more information on requesting a TMLS survey.