Current Solution Areas

Allpoint's toolkit consists of numerous software modules, which can be applied to many mapping and data processing applications. We currently have solutions for Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS), Underground Mapping and Inspection, and Structural Inspection and Model Comparison. These applications can be optimized to fit your project needs, or the Perception Engine™ can be easily tailored in a short amount of time to address new applications. Either way, contact us to see how we can help.

Allpoint works with certified
service providers who collect and analyze data. Current Certified partners include:
To inquiry about becoming a certified partner, Contact Us.

Structural Comparison Applications

Perception allows engineers to see changes in physical structures in ways that they cannot by existing means.

For example:  finding defects using existing controls (comparing against CAD models or over time from scan-to-scan) or without controls (through a set of statistical fits):

  • geometric deformation (e.g., bending, warping),
  • material loss (which effects structural integrity), or
  • excess material (that may indicate an architectural or structural defect).

Allpoint effectively captures the structural integrity of physical structures with the use of 3D laser scans.

Contact us for more information on requesting structural assessments.