Push beyond your limits with FastTrack

  • Scan and register with the press of a button
  • See registered results in real-time instead of days later
  • Ensure complete scan coverage
  • Manage one scanner (or more) with a single operator

Allpoint introduces FastTrack

Enabling Site-to-Insight, On-site

Allpoint's FastTrack™ system provides the missing link between 3D data and results, building a fully registered 3D point cloud completely automatically so that you can focus on collection! As a standalone tool, Allpoint's Scan-time eliminates the need to target and makes it easy to conduct cloud-to-cloud registration with a few clicks of a mouse- but why stop there? FastTrack™ incorporates Scan-time along with hardware derived from our robotic AMS platform to enable completely hands-free registration. Stop wasting time, get moving with FastTrack™!

Allpoint Systems Scan-time

FastTrack accelerates site-to-insight to another level, allowing the whole process completed on-site, effortlessly.

Plays Well With Others

Supports all leading scanners
Enables multiple scanners working in parallel
Results can feed directly into Allpoint Insight for remote viewing

System Requirements

Ability to push a rolling tripod (64-bit)
Experience pushing a button (>2.0 GHz)