Why provide Insight™?

  • Easily publish, view and share projects
  • Navigate and measure with high resolution photo-realistic images and floor plans.
  • Record location-based comments and share them
  • Create private, secure accounts with customizable privileges

Allpoint Insight

Online data review made simple

Sharing scan results doesn’t have to involve portable hard-drives, software installs, or training. All you need for Insight™ is a login and an internet connection.

Allpoint Systems Insight™

Plays Well With Others

Supports import of ZFS, FLS and PTX
HTML 5 based (the prevailing standard for tablet and PC browsers)
Hosted ‘cloud’ solution

System Requirements (Insight)

Web browser
(Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer 9)
Internet connection

System Requirements (Insight Creator)

Windows 7
Multi-core processor (>2.0 GHz)