What will Scan-time give me?

  • Survey quality results, faster
  • Freedom from targets
  • Live feedback in the field to ensure complete coverage and density
  • Flexibility to deploy multiple scanners from multiple manufacturers
  • Major improvements without requiring new equipment or disrupting workflow

Allpoint Scan-time

Registration at the speed of scanning

Put your equipment to work and start registering in Scan-time™. View registered data live in the field instead of spending hours (or days) processing scans in the office. Scan-time’s unique processing algorithms work without targets and improve the field quality and timeliness of data collection.

Allpoint Systems Scan-time

Plays Well With Others

Supports all leading scanners
Enables multiple scanners working in parallel
Imports ZFS, FLS and PTX
Exports ZFS and PTX

System Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Multi-core processor (>2.0 GHz)
Disk space equal to 2x size of expected scans
Internet connection required for activation